Monday, November 28, 2011

knee high socks

At Chance Harbour you don't have to wear uniforms. The same did not apply to my high school:


My Summer Wardrobe:


It has been simply FOREVER since I wrote a thing on this blog.
I'm terrible! filming, traveling, scheming and sleeping have taken priority.
So to make up for such a delay between posts, Im gonna make a SERIOUS effort from now on. Cos its So much fun, and I like being able to type things longer then 140 characters.

Things That are making me happy right now:
Old School Justin Timberlake. Cry Me a River...Senorita
My looming SUMMER HOLIDAY back to Australia
Working with such ridiculous and hilarious and amazing people on Secret Circle
Manuka Honey and Almond Butter on the same spoon
Baths. (Its SO COLD in Vancouver)