Thursday, September 30, 2010

Monday, September 20, 2010

Tea for 2

There are few things that get me as excited a shop dedicated to Tea.
'T2', both in Bondi Junction and there used to be one in Newtown (maybe its still there, I havent been in ol' newtown for a while) warrants a good 40 minutes of browsing, tasting smelling and marvelling.
I also think that tea is such a good gift. Or maybe Im just hinting.

Feelin fancy, try the Strawberries & Cream
An absolute dessert delight. A gorgeous blend of hibiscus petals and rosehips with apple, strawberries and yogurt brews a beautiful red infusion with a bright, sweet aroma. A velvety sweet sensation with a crisp, tart finish.


Or if your a self appointed green tea connoisseur like myself, go for the Buddhas Tears;

Buddha's Tears provides contemplation of the divine. Made from a series of unopened tender white pekoe buds and young leaves hand-rolled into a sphere. Each tear gracefully unfurls and dances in the water, gradually releasing a sublime and refined flavour. A delicate and beautifully light infusion, flavour builds upon each sip, filling the mouth with an ethereal jasmine aroma. A meditation on heavenly art and a sensory treat to savour.

Not sure what your tea soul mate is, take this test.

Cheers! x

Saturday, September 11, 2010

My mum, my sister and I in Guernsey.

Dont Panic Its Organic

I just got back from a week in the moutains at a retreat called Gwinganna.
We hiked through the bush, did yoga and boxing (not together..) learnt what flowers were edible, did Tai Chi at sunrise, and sat on cushions in a church and did some texta art before dinner.
All the food was grown organically, in the garden, and there was no televsion or phone-reception.
It was glorious.