Monday, March 22, 2010

One day after a large storm, tens of thousands of starfish were washed up on the beach above the high tide line. An old man was casually wandering along the beach picking up the creatures and placing them back into the ocean. A young boy, upon witnessing this occurring for some time, approached the old man.“Hey Mister, Do you know how many starfish there are on this beach?” inquired the boy. “I dunno… maybe 20 000. Maybe a lot more.” replied the old man“Why are you doing it then? You can’t make a difference.” The man looked down at the starfish in his hand and then up to the boy. As he placed the animal back into the ocean he intoned “I reckon it makes a pretty big difference to this one.” The boy began helping.

I wish I knew the Author of this story. INstead, I'll say someone awesome.

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