Sunday, July 17, 2011


  1. I want a new update! Your blog is amazing and you inspire beauty in all of us. Love from Sweden.

  2. I'm agree, me too! You're amazing and I can't wait to watch more of your Faye!
    And..I love so much The OC, it's because of it that I'm become a big lover of american series!

    Love from a your big italian fan xoxo

  3. Hey Phoebe. Just found your blog (it's awesome by the way.) I've been following your work since H2O: Just Add Water (so sad to see it stopped - that was my favourite show on Nickelodeon ever!) I'm seriously so, so proud of you. You're doing a great job as Faye in TSC (so happens to be one of my favourite books, and now TV shows - and it's only been one episode.) Best luck with your future, and keep us posted. :)

  4. Dear Phoebe!
    I always try to reach you via twitter but it's kinda hard because you have a lot of followers, so I've decided to write you on your blog (which I like a lot and I think you should continue doing it sometimes). I've known you for a long time now as a mermaid, but now you're a witch! I LOVE the secret circle, honestly Kevin W. is such a talent. Now I'm not only excited for the Vampire Diaries but also TSC! Double pleasure hahaha :)
    The whole cast is so amazing, and what is really magical it's the fact that I can see you all get on well with each other (and it's very important). Anyways, I only wanted to tell you that I wish you good luck in everything and that I absolutely love you! Tweet more pics and news ;) I send you and the others many kisses and hugs from Europe.
    I LOVE u!

    Ps: I love your taste in music, could you do a really good playlist (with a lot of songs ;P) when you have a little bit of free time between the takes? :)

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  6. hi,I love you :) PleaSE COME ON THE CZECH REPUBLIC